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We lower barriers and activate you in Changing the World around you.

We are nurturing a community of people helping each other's dowes advance one step further. We do this in many ways, by making events, workshops and videos. Also check out our divisions.

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What do you want to bring to life to make a positive impact on this world? No matter how big or small it seems. Or just join an existing dowe.

We will support and help you advance your dowe with our great network of friends!

And Change the World! Share your success stories with others and the positive impact you had on the world around you.

Check some of our dowes to get some inspiration.


These are some of the areas we have a passion about.

Our worldwide community is filled with people with all sort of backgrounds, skills, interests and ways to feel alive. Talking about passion. We call these areas our divisions. 

You can see a division as a sort of agency specialized in doing theme-specific dowes.

wedoenergy: Empowers students, organizations and local communities to tackle energy poverty; to make clean energy affordable to millions of people out there.

wedohiphop: empowers Hip Hop lovers from all the regions of the world to positively impact their community. To spread Hip Hop’s positive values inside and outside the Hip Hop world.

wedomovies: lowers barriers for diverse people to get in touch with film, either on the production side or as an audience member. To make our Film Industry as diverse as our world is.