Online-platform All rounder EYE Entrepreneur

Onbezoldigde functie

Stichting wedowe in Rotterdam zoekt een Algemeen Bestuurslid voor 1 vergadering per jaar.
Vacature voor een onbezoldigde functie.

Sluitingsdatum: 04-12-2020

Over de positie
dowe is a social enterprise looking for a fun, enthusiastic, inquisitive and responsible entrepreneur, who would like to roll up his sleeves for our communication company, Pluswhat agency and for our creative foundation, wedowe. Do you like to learn new things and to be able to develop further? Then you've come to the right place! Here you will further develop your entrepreneurial skills while exercising your abilities in project management,in the whole process of video production and graphic design.

We are now looking for an Online-platform All rounder Entrepreneur. Your qualifications:
- You know pretty much everything about videos, from pre-production, to post;
- You accept graphic challenges (know your way around Adobe Creative Suit);You’re fairly good at designing websites;
- You don’t wait, but take initiative;
- You are able to manage small teams of junior creatives;
- You’re enthusiastic and motivated;
- You’re not afraid of deadlines;
- You do not have a 9 to 5 mentality;
- You like to work with a team.

What we can offer you:
- A scholarship through the Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs program:;
- The possibility to get in touch with the Dutch media industry;
- Network of professionals in the audio-visual sector;
- Mentoring from an experienced Film-maker, entrepreneur and change-maker;
- A young and fun workplace;

To apply:
To apply for the position, please send your CV and letter of motivation to

Praktische informatie
Indien u belangstelling heeft voor de vacature, dan verzoeken wij om uw motivatiebrief en cv in te sturen naar We nemen z.s.m. contact met u op.