we make people take action

Taking action is what sets things in motion

We have learned that taking action is the first step to create change. We have experienced that taking action had a positive impact on the people and the community we were directly engaging.

After getting involved in countless projects about themes that are positively impacting our lives and our planet in the most diverse ways, from social injustice to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, from consumerism to youth empowerment in developing countries, from energy poverty to the lack of self-esteem/loneliness, we realized that the things we are passionate about the most is, to make people take action. Today we make people from Businesses, NGOs, Education Institutes, Underprivileged Communities and Municipalities take action through on the ground interventions, videos and dowes. We love to activate people about themes that create change.

Our mission

We are passionate about making people take action about themes that create change.

Our goals

A world where everybody is taking action on a daily basis to create change around them.

  • create value for ourselves

    We are nurturing a resilient, self-confident, creative community by empowering people to face their uncomfortabilities, and get out of their comfort zone.

  • create value for our surroundingS

    We make people create actual change about specific themes for their direct surroundings, communities and organizations.

  • create value for society

    We increase the impact of our interventions by sharing best-practices on how to tackle specific challenges with specific target audiences.