Logo of wedowe

we make people take action

Taking action is what sets things in motion

We are an innovative platform that supports social projects in their creation phase, execution phase and in their impact reporting phase.

After getting involved in countless projects about themes that are positively impacting our lives and our planet in the most diverse ways, from social injustice to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, from consumerism to youth empowerment in developing countries, from energy poverty to the lack of self-esteem/loneliness, we realized that the things we are passionate about the most is, to make people take action. Today we make people from Businesses, NGOs, Education Institutes, Underprivileged Communities and Municipalities take action through:
- nurturing a community of people who support each other’s projects through network and knowledge sharing.
- an innovative framework for project management, called dowe
- our direct engagement in a number of selected projects, through videos, content creation, project consultancy, events, talks and workshops.

Our mission

We make people take action to improve their direct environment.

Our vision

We envision a world where individuals take action in a measure that matches their capabilities and awareness.


    We are creating a culture where individuals feel empowered and entitled to create dowes about what makes them feel uncomfortable in the world around them.


    We are creating a culture where businesses and organizations acting intensively upon their Corporate Social Responsibility is the norm rather than an exception.


    We created a media platform where dowes and important causes get the reach they need to inspire others to take action.