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Global Goals | #BC LIVE SESSION 11 RECAP

#BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION 11 Goals: Global, Local, Personal

This time it is good to start from the start of the day. As the people who have been to #BRAINCANDIES LIVE at least once before our number 11 SESSION might have noticed, there has been a continuous improvement in the way the technical setup looks. Better lighting for example, and a bigger crew. This time I would like to thanks everyone who is behind this, because as I made clear during our last SESSION, #BRAINCANDIES LIVE is a continuous evolution thanks to input that we get from our audience and speakers, but also from the people behind the scenes. Let’s start with a thank you to Jelle, Salman, Rik, Luca, Sara, Dominique, Keef and of course, Aiman. When we got the feeling that what #BRAINCANDIES LIVE is worth the effort, we smile.

Smiling was a topic that was implicitly and explicitly discussed at our last #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION.

And judging by the 20+ feedback wedoforms and we got back after our event and the pictures of Mr. Keef, smiles was something a lot of people shared during the evening.

From the officialness of the theme of the evening: the UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) we managed to break the formality of the dictated by the theme and connect with each others in various ways.

While we usually start the #BRAINCANDIES LIVE day by picking up the technical equipment at 11 in the morning and we spent the whole day building up, testing and preparing for the evening, speakers come at 18:15 and the audience start arriving at 19:00.

This time we prepared a 15 minute video to be played before the official start of the evening at 19.15. The video showed some of our dowes, while calling for a wedoexperience once every few minutes of videos

What might seem like a Karate move was just a part of creative and improvised choreography.

A wedoexperience is an activating assignment in which the people in the audience are asked either to interact with each others in various way, or to come on stage to perform some sometimes slightly out of the box. It can be as simple as dividing the audience in groups and give them 120 seconds to come up with as many things in common as possible. And the things people have in common might be easier than many might think: everybody is in Europe, everybody is in the Netherlands, everybody is in Eindhoven and so on. But yes also more creative and ambitious things in common were founded.

When we explain what #BRAINCANDIES LIVE is about, we always end up inviting the person we are explaining it to to join us once, because so far it has always a bit challenging to explain. Maybe someone can help us out in this? How would you describe the evening to a friend of yours?

Yes there are people presenting their ideas, projects and ambitions, but it is not a speaker event. It is something else. But yes speakers are there, and they are awesome. In between the talks, or the actual #BRAINCANDIES we (the host to be precise, which in this case was me, Cristian) give wedoexperiences, some kind of relaxed, some a bit more experimental.

Xavier answers to a question about his non-profit LEAF.

The first speaker of the evening was Xavier Weiss, who happen to be also the youngest speaker of the evening (19). Xavier shared with enthusiasm an holistic analysis of the major threats that mass consumption and populations growth is causing to our planet, sharing his view on the solutions that slowly can allow humans to enter the sustainable era.

Yama captures the attention of the audience with his project to help migrants contribute to their economies back home.

Yama Saraj, our second speaker, was fresh from Unleash Denmark where talents from all over the world gathered to connect and implement solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Yama shared with the audience his ambitious project of allowing migrants from all the region of the world contribute to the socio-economic landscape of their countries of original by targeting local communities, instead of only private families or general international contributions. We wish Yama all the best with his project!

‍Stefanie while sharing her story about the person who inspires her the most.

The third speaker brought the attention back from the Macro and international sphere to the Micro and person human. Stefanie Vatta shared a very inspiration #BRAINCANDIES on how to make at least one person a day smile, better if even a stranger, it is a great starting point and might be enough to implant the seed for a better society. This was a powerful reminder on how we must look at our own daily actions first if we want to tackle the most challenging issues of our times.

“A totally new reality” waS what Jean-Paul encourages us to build together.

In the our feedback wedoform there was a field where people needed to name one thing that they learned that day. A couple of people filled in Sustainacrocy. The inspiring talk of our fourth speaker, Jean Paul Close, was about the importance of “drawing a line” to separate the old and usual reality for a new reality. A reality where the hierarchy of nations is bypassed by the actions of the actual citizens that through various initiatives contribute to the advancement of their own cities, with a focus on social inclusion, and basic human needs such a clean air and food.

A focussed Yanick Dols while shining some light on the world of blockchain.

The last programmed speaker of the evening was Yanick Dols, an inspiring entrepreneur, that brought blockchain to the attention of the audience, highlights a powerful example on how the new currency could contribute to a more intelligent, trustworthy and sustainable society. His talk contribute to start a vivid debate in the audience, on the role of the future of internet and the ethics of “virtual currencies”.

‍The surprise speakers Vivian Kim sharing her views on peace and where to get the inpiration for it

During every #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSIONs we ask who would like to improvise a talk between the members of the audience. This time we had 5 candidates and the selected one (by fate) was Vivian Kim, who talked about how the “man or the woman in the mirror” should be the person who inspire our action and her upcoming peace festival, that is coming in Eindhoven next week Sunday.

This one, you can capture it yourself, since it speaks for itself.

Many things happened during the evening, beautiful pictures were taken, this time also an aftermovie was shot. New connections were made and some very nice human energy was created, together with a lot of smiles.

Did you make a stranger smile today? If not, go ahead you still have few hours left!

To the next one!


The host: Cristian.

Here you can see some of the feedback we have obtained form our wedoform:

And some of the answers to the “Name one thing you learned from this event ” field:


"Smile as you can!"

"How hard it is to talk about a random picture for a minute :)."


"Jean-Paul Close."

"How to view and resolve poverty issues from the perspective of social inclusion."

"Get the audience involved."

"Change often."

"Opening up to other people gives confidence."

"That there are more people searching for the same."

"When you want to achieve something: just take the first step of action."

"I got inspired to give back to my country some of what I am giving in Eindhoven."

"That are a lot of people that will help us to make this planet a great place to live!."


"To smile."

"It's good to continue talking to each other and connecting people and initiatives to work on the global goals and other sustainable-world improving projects."

"I captured some ideas for home country helping projects."

"About different initiatives being organized by people from all walks of life."