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The Importance Of Facilitating Random Connections | #BC LIVE SESSION 2 RECAP

The Importance Of Facilitating Random Connections


The importance of facilitating random connections; there a lot of awesome people all doing their own awesome things; we are very contradictive as humansThese are three of the things that were learned from some of the guests at the last #BRAINCANDIES SESSION. The fourth one, though, deserved a quote:

“Everybody, really everybody, has something interesting to share, and doing it is not so scary as one thinks”.

Pánta rêi, everything is flowing. Flowing like the two weeks that has past since our #BRAINCANDIES SESSION, Thursday 3rd December at the Baltan Laboratories basement, which we would like to thank once again for the amazing space they offered to us.


Our eight speakers were able to guide the audience through their heterogeneous and interesting worlds and, with a touch of humanity, fun and diversity, we were able to spend a nice evening together. We who? wedoWE (Aiman, Luca and Cristian), the members of our community and friends. The evening begun with the event hoster Cristian and with some sticky nametags with puzzling words on it.. Aiman shared his experience at TEDx Utrecht, where the focus is not on letting people shine for the way they are, a magic that Aiman is particularly good at. 


Immanuel walked softly toward the stage, looked interested at the crowd and, after looking through the curious eyes, started pronouncing his nicely choreographed words. The power of storytelling. Did you feel something? It works more if you actually use it not only to describe situation but to convey a message, as Immanuel greatly explained to us with the power of Storytelling.

Immanuel engaging the audience in his outfit.

Our third solo was from Vasiliki, a greek actress, talking about a greek philosopher. Vasiliki made us experience how we need to find a balance between the opposite, Enantiodromia, with her theatrical engaging performance. One day we hate our beloved ones, one day we love them (maybe was the other way around). We also had two duos showing their inspiring projects.

Vasiliki staring at the audience with great precision

Selma and Arnoud who managed to have neighbors, who did not know each other, seat and eat together around their Yellow Table, while having fun and talking about the future of the neighborhood (and the future of space colonization).

Selma talking about the outpouring of support for her doWE Yellow Table.

Pim and Luc, who are using their designer brains and hands to tackle issues in places full of problems, or challenges. Currently, they are looking forward to make their Holy Crap project in Nepal successful. It is about getting the people to separate their waste at home, to ensure a better waste handling system in  the capital, Kathmandu. And of course, if everyone wants to help just get in touch with them!

Pim and Luc talking about waste cycles.

Stef was our final speaker, the surprise speaker, who was sorted out of 8 people who volunteered to make an improvised talk at the end of the session. He started an interesting speech about the alfa and beta people types, where we end up connecting with what was discussed in the previous presentations.

Stef getting ready to be our Surprise Speaker of the Night.

Thanks again to everyone who came to present, to meet new people, to learn or just to pass a different evening. If someone felt activated to start or continue a project that might be good for the community, if someone got inspired, and maybe she/he is thinking about joining forces with others to create something beautiful, useful, helpful for the community where he lives, then we got one step closer to our vision: activate people to change (positively) the World. And we are going to continue, step by step. See you in February.

Ps. if you want to know what the nametags were for, come to meet us during the next #BRAINCANDIES session.

wedoDRINKS afterwards, while Immanuel is being asked a question about his talk.

What did people learn?

“Heraclitus the dark.”

“We live in a world where we run between extremes.”

“There are a lot of awesome people, all doing their own awesome thing.”

“Nothing is impossible.”

That everybody, really everybody, has something interesting to share and that doing so is not so scary as one thinks (my sign up for next session will follow soon :))

“I learned that storytelling can be applied in everyday things.”

“Storytelling is importan”t

“The importance of facilitating random connections.”

“Holy crap.”

“Together we stand, divided we fall! I new it already but an event like this, makes my feeling even stronger.”

“Wonderful people: good location.”

Pps. check some of the feedback given by our audience:

Results from our wedoFEEDBACK form that we hand out after every #BC LIVE SESSION.