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Dance Creatively, Look For Your Identity And Fly | #BC LIVE SESSION 6 RECAP

Dance Creatively, Look For Your Identity And Fly


Our 6th edition of #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION was a success. We were in a new location (TAC), we tried a new format with the aim of engaging people even more, we learned a lot and, most importantly, we made people come together, get out of their comfort zone and getting back home not only with more knowledge but also with experience.

Sudden Improvisation and never knowing what you are gonna do next is what makes #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSIONS so special.

There is still work to do to make #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION the Goosebump generating event we want it to become, but every time, we are getting closer and closer.

We had 30 people in the audience and 6 speakers. In terms of UN development goal, we have embraced our favourite one (Quality of Education). We gave a platform to Ranil to present his project to empower young Sri Lankan people in his country of origin, through the power of Hip Hop.

Ranil showing off his breakdancing skills.

Ranil got the chance, thanks to #BRAINCANDIES, to speak at REDx, an event organize by the Red Cross and by one other of our speakers, Peter. Ram helped us to address the theme of Peace and Justice, sharing stories about being Indian in Europe, talking about how we are all similar when it comes to nature of being a Human being. Luis talked about development in Technology to help humans enhance their senses and Hans made us aware of what we can do to become more creative.

Hans Kokhuis in action during his #BRAINCANDIES about creativity.

Our 6th surprise speaker Noud, talk about his project to make people come together thanks to music.

Noud, an audience member, presenting the next speaker. Which he didn't know he was gonna do before that moment.

Aiman made the night more interactive then ever, making more than half of the audience come on stage for little “wedoEXPERIENCES”.

After doing a blindfolded wedoEXPERIENCE, the audience member looks surprised at the cookie.

We are now looking forward for the videos and for the next one!

Peter Bijleveld in action and filmed during his talk about the Fight or Flight response.

You can check more pictures and coming soon the edited videos on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/braincandiesorg/.

What did people learn?


"We are all different but still we all have the same culture."

"The 6 powers of creativity"

"Life is a rehearsal, it's ok to be not perfect."

"There are 5 types of creativity."

"The speech of Ram was really great and insightful."

"I learnt that there's a thin line between stretching people outside of their comfort zone and bringing embarrassment."

"To let go of pressure."

"We're all expats... share the same culture."

Results from our wedoFEEDBACK form that we hand out after every #BC LIVE SESSION.