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Creating New Links | #BC LIVE SESSION 7 RECAP

Creating New Links


The joy and sparks that fly between strangers while audience are sharing wedoEXPERIENCES.

Again, our 7th edition of #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION was a success. We went back to our location of Baltan Laboratories, we implemented most of the format we tried at our last session and, to be honest, we had a great positive feedback and engagement. This time we increased the number of tickets (free) to 40 and we were pleased to see that we had a really diverse audience (you check the pictures with the links below). About half of the audience was Dutch and the other part of the audience was from the most diverse countries (Greece, Italy, Guatemala, India, China, Germany to name a few), most diverse background (Dancers, Engineers, Photographers, among others) and also the age spectrum was quite broad from 18 to 63. Yes we are happy about it. Most importantly, while keeping our “winning” formula, we made people come together, get out of their comfort zone and getting back home not only with more knowledge but also with experience.

Everybody has a voice at #BC LIVE SESSION.

Things are getting better, we keep getting feedback and trying to use it as good as possible.

We had 40 people in the audience and 6 speakers. In terms of UN development goal, we always embrace our favourite one (Quality of Education) and, this time, for the first time, we had a theme. The theme was “Creativity: creating new links”. The first two talks brought almost a dystopian atmosphere, nurturing some proper food for thought. Jan Smits made a very interesting talk to bring up the subject of what is public and private and how our digital involvement in society is creating a different and not always positive way to contribute to public matters. Yicong, our Chinese Engineer, talked about the possibilities for machines to produce art and to which extent.

Yicong in action during her #BRAINCANDIES talk.

We gave a platform to Pyiuesh to present how people in India deal with everyday struggles in a creative way called “Jugaad”. The social entrepreneur Rik Konings, walked the audience through his good and “less” good times in life to inspire everyone to find their creativity and use it to generate real social value, both in more developed countries with Emotional deficits and developing countries, with interventions aligned to UN development goal, especially Health, Education and Poverty. Paul, spoke about the importance of listening to ourselves and to our inner voice to allow our dreams and creativity to manifests (he is an amazing dancer who can balance himself on one hand).

Paul in action during his handstand.

Finally our, surprise speaker Oscar, had an amazing speech about Identity. Oscar is from Guatemala, lived many years in Taiwan, and made the audience wonder about their Identity, with a truly magnetic speech.

Surprise Speaker Oscar in Action.

Cristian, working on what Aiman tested last time, made again the night more interactive then ever, making more than half of the audience come on stage for little “wedoEXPERIENCES”, have a lot of fun while raising very important questions and moment of reflections, on globalization, self-actualization, peace and (cyber)security and in general, on a multi-cultural and ever changing world.  As always we give our audience the possibility to network and ask for help that our community can eventually offer, to make their (social) project advance one step further.

People feeling free and jolly during another wedoEXPERIENCE.

And if you are curious how our audience filled in the wedoFORM, that is to say our feedback form, here two of the contributions (un-edited):

What did people learn?

"Small interactive sessions are a great way to engage your audience!"

"Connecting to new people is nice."

"Jugaad ;)"

"How to open yourself toward public/unknown people."

"I enjoyed that much young people being brilliant & creative."

"Creativity in everyone of us."

"I learned to participate more proactively."

"How globetrotters wrestle with Identity, they think it is because they travel lot, while actually it is everybody's 'problem'."

"The meaning of a word that is used in India. The difference that should exist between private and public."

"About conducting the event with those surprise activities."

"Creativity is the power of connecting the diversity of the unknown to the known."

"That creativity cannot be forced."

Results from our wedoFEEDBACK form that we hand out after every #BC LIVE SESSION.