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Female Empowerment | #BC LIVE SESSION 9 RECAP



As the host at our last #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION on Female Empowerment, I can say I had quite a unique perspective on how things developed last week Thursday 23rd March.

We always try to bring something new or innovating to every #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION, to make it an ever-evolving format. Last time Aiman introduced us to the numbered call. For the joy of the people that does not enjoy particularly being called on stage in what suppose to be a relaxing Thursday, every seat was numbered and, once a person’s number was called out loud, they had to come on stage to announce the following speaker or something like that, basically co-host.

The loved-hated lottery balls cage where people got selected to come on stage.

One of our goals is to make the participants always more “responsible” to create and stir the course of the evening. This time we proposed different wedoEXPERIENCES (since someone challenged us by saying that we would run out of ideas at some point) at the same time, and the participants had to pick their favorite ones.

So what type of wedoEXPERIENCE we had this time? Well we had our usual easing one, that was about our doWE everyOneTwoThree). We had one where participants needed to create personalized handshakes with the people around them, which was actually a lot of fun.

‍The coolest personalized handshake might be something like this.

By the way if you want to propose a wedoEXPERIENCE, always feel free to do that! I am sure you can find our contact info somewhere around.


This was the theme. 6 speakers, 4 of which were women, created the guidelines for the vibes of the evening and, well, it seemed it worked out greatly.

‍You can see the numbered seats during Anja talk

For us is becoming increasingly important to be able to create safe environments where people feel good with sharing their opinions face-to-face about important topics. We need to discuss societal relevant topics giving our honest opinions in public and not wait to go beyond our phone or laptop to do that. At least this is the feeling I have right now (you can check one of our past #BRAINCANDIES from Jan addressing this issue, here).

‍#BRAINCANDIES LIVE backstage and pre-vibe

Our first speaker of the evening was Vincent Plu, the young film-maker which expressed his opinion about what feminism actually means in the film industry, and also gave a possible solution to avoid discrimination between male and female roles in the industry. It was maybe to more provoke a discussion and I must admit the audience responded in a constructive way.

Vincent about to throw his post-it in the air.

The second talk was from Ineke, who achieved a successful career in a world populated by men, the technical world. Ineke walked us through the changes in the way she approached working with men, before and after she experienced the work environment in Colombia. If you want to know more, of course you will be able to watch her #BRAINCANDIES in a few weeks. Today Ineke embraced her passion for acting and we actually could clearly see it in the presentation. Lots of energy.

Ineke entertaining the audience before she took her jacket off.Type image caption here (optional)

After helping us warming up with some yoga moves during our little #BRAINCANDIES ACADEMY, Joke, a superwoman in everyday life, made us wonder on the need that most of us feel to keep having to do things. In a short talk in the true #BRAINCANDIES fashion, Joke also made some of us rediscover the importance of body movement. And, guess what, Joke was our 50th speaker at #BRAINCANDIES LIVE since we started.

Joke after her #BRAINCANDIES titled: Super Woman in daily life.

Timo did a great job at hacking the brain of our male audience. After we divided the audience men on one side and woman on the other, he gave a great talking about the importance of identifying our natural talent, while keeping the man side of the audience busy. No spoiler alert, wait for the video to see it if you were not there.

Timo talking to an audience of woman while keeping the men audience busy.

The last programmed speaker of the evening was Uta, which with a very inspiring talk made us understand the meaning of the Ying, the feminine side of the tao, and the power of making ourselves vulnerable. I love how Uta made us feel part of her story in a unique way.

‍Uta radiating energy after giving her #BRAINCANDIES about the Yin.

Yes, of course we had our improvised speaker. Anja share her personal story to talk about business and babies and how to combine the professional life with parents with a baby, with, well the baby care. During her talk there were nodding heads in the audience, I guess someone was resonating really well with what anja had to say.

Anja giving her improvising talk about Business and Babies

The energy of #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION 9 was caring and loving, maybe because the participants made their female qualities emerge more than usual, in any case, a great experience as always.

Anthony from the #BRAINCANDIES crew capturing what will be put online soon.

By reading the feedback that we collect all the time through our wedoFORMS, it always amaze me to notice how everyone of us is actually different. A talk that for someone did not triggered a particular interest was a truly inspiring one for someone else, and vice-versa. With this in mind, I am actually really really curious to know, what the perspective is of one of our speakers, or of one the participants that has been coming to #BRAINCANDIES LIVE for a while, or of one person who came to #BRAINCANDIES LIVE for the first time, or of a crewmate?

We read your feedback and we will do our best to make as many people as possible happen!

Till the next one, #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION 10 | Sustainability: people vs technology.

Name one thing that you learned at #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION 9

"We are all in the same boat."

"To use more of my Yin qualities."

"In inactivity lies the seed of the next action."

"People are awesome!"

"There are always other people in the same boat."

"It is great to hear people speak who have a different world views."

"To give a presentation in English."