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Pluswhat deal term 1: from an idea to the screen and everything in between.

Pluswhat deal term 1: from an idea to the screen and everything in between.  

The first term of our pluswhat deal is now concluded.

It’s been an exciting ride!

Camiel in his best acting performance!

Over a period of 2 months, 6 young people created and delivered a total of 4 videos.

But they were not just young people, they were pluswhat talents, and, to get even more specific, they were Bregje, Tim, Cid, Camiel, Ray and Amine.

We call pluswhat talents: people with multiple talents, that look for ways to combine them. They are all talented creatives, in different fields, from script-writing, to editing, from acting, to copywriters. Working with such framework in mind, giving permission to young people to look at things in a different ways, and we were pleased to see how creative and skillful our talents could become, when we make an effort on creating a clear process.

Term 1 was great! We had a lot of fun, we learned a lot, we created new relationships and planted some seeds about conceptualization, creativity and project management in our pluswhat talents mind.

Everybody listening to one of the mentors Aiman, during a workshop over storytelling.

During the workshops we would address different steps of the film-making process, from conceptualization to editing, from text animation, to script-writing. The workshops were organized in such a way, where the first 3 would guide the talents in the creation and delivery of their first video, and the second 3, in the creation of their second. More precisely every workshop would begin first with a theoretical part (such as storytelling) and would continue with a very practical part where our pluswhat talents become creators, while getting familiarity with audio-visual equipment, editing softwares, and shooting techniques. The first workshop would focus on conceptualization and pre-production, the second one on production (the official shooting day) and the third one, on post-production, which means putting the footage together and show it to the rest of the team. By giving value to the ability of our talents to learn from their experience, we allowed them to bring a lot of the the things that they learned in the execution of their first video, in their second creation, where we further examined aspect of content creation and film making, such as text and animation and dissemination on social media.

Tim and Cid on the set of their first video on smartphone addiction.

Even though this might sound very theoretical, it was not! Already at the end of the first workshop, our pluswhat talents, divided in teams of 2, had completed a script for their video and a creative brief where they would take note of all the practicalities that needed to happen in order to have an organize and smooth shooting day.

In order to help our talents come up with a solid concept for their video and a subject that would speak to their hearth, we let them go through the steps of the so called “dowe framework”. During this little assignment, the pluswhat talents had to come up with a matter that make them feel uncomfortable about the world around them. After this was made clear, the creative brainstorming to generate idea on how to bring this matter, and the possible solution, in a video, had begun.

‍Amine getting intrigued by the use of text in videos.

There most valuable learning points were about conceptualization, since conceptualization and production management are serious disciplines, for which having a creative yet organized mind is very important. Writing a script that make nice sense and can be executed on the shooting day is not easy, but our talents managed to make it work successfully. Another important learning point was about the ability to estimate the time which is needed to put into tasks, especially when it comes to post-production, while working with some special effects and text animation. All of this was part of a beautiful learning process which produced results in which both we and the pluswhat talents can be proud of.

One the set of the last scene of a video about young people and their relationship with smartphones.

The theme that made our pluswhat talents feel a bit uncomfortable about the world around them where about how smartphones can be dangerous for our social life, about pollution and people not caring about where their trash goes, about a generation who is becoming always more apathetic and about being more in the moment and present.

A picture of our fish-actor, Maiky, during his most recent performance.

After the first round of 3 sessions, we had the pleasure of being invited to showcase the work of our talents at: Hier Zijn Wij an event of the KunstBende. In fact, thanks to our collaboration with BROET, a platform that supports film-making in Eindhoven, we were able to have among our pluswhat talents two of the finalists of the KunstBende.

Some of our pluswhat talents on the stage of the Hier Zijn Wij event of the KunstBende.

All in all, it was an amazing journey, we made some new friends, our talents learned a lot about filmmaking and we have created activating content that are relevant for today's youth.

We are looking forward to the next series of workshops!

A picture of a screening at BROET, our collaborating organization.