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Sustainable Food Solutions - #BC LIVE SESSION 15 RECAP

Sustainable food solutions! What does this sentence bring to your imagination?

Here a recap of the evening, with the beautiful pictures taken by Ruud Scheerens.

The way we let our last #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION develop is, honestly, inspiring.

We are choosing themes that we think are very important to be discussed in an open environment with people from the most diverse backgrounds. The way we present it to our community and to the city in general it is rather simple. We pick a theme and we made the theme part of the title of our #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION.

We don’t add much other explanation or context to the theme. We let our speakers and our audience the job to figure it out. In this way, our evenings are a very big co-creation. 

In this case the complete title of the event was #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION | SUSTAINABLE FOOD SOLUTIONS, and we attracted speakers and an audience that was were passionate about the event but also very diverse. It was also surprise to realize, that all of our speakers were women. Does this mean that men have less to say about Sustainable Food Solution? Surely not, but this way it developed like this.

Our participants while having a great time!

Our audience was an heterogenous group when it comes to food preferences and habits, we had many vegetarians, vegans and passionate meat eaters. Despite of what people might think, no, there were no fights among the groups, there was an atmosphere of harmony and understanding, although debates and discussion did arise. The evening was a success, with our location, the wonderful BROET basement, filled with more than 50 people.

Here are some more details on how the evening developed.

We like to bring people from the most diverse walks of life together.

Our host of the evening was Cristian (as a sort of routine, Cristian and Aiman alternate their roles as a host every other session), who started by making the audience loosen up with our, by now sort of famous, wedoexperiences. Games and activities that are carried on to make people connect with each other as much as possible, to make people have fun, but also to create an atmosphere of trust where people feel free to share their opinions without the fear of being judged. This activities can be carried on in the audience are, or in the stage are, or in a mix of the two. They can be completely hilarious and fun (like when the audience to divide themselves in group and come up with ways to save the planet from Godzilla with the weirdest array of objects available) or more mindful, where people in the audience is asked to discuss with their neighbours about what their meaning of sustainable food are.

During this wedoexperience, our audience had to describe their drawings to each others.

After some nice social lubrication, we started with our speakers.

Katinka was the first one. With her #BRAICANDIES, Katinka addressed the importance of keep experimenting with the ways we think and approach food, because we need to change our current approach to food consumption and approaching the matter with the designer mindset, that she has, can uncover important revelation. She is bringing these ideas further in real life with her project, the Eatelier.

Katinka sharing different ways of conserving food.

The second speaker was Marta, a vegan mum of 2 kids, who, with a very personal and well motivated story, let the audience understand her choice of shifting to a plant based diet, originally because of an health related motivation, and slowly changing her life and the lives of the people in her family, including her kids and her father. A very valuable contribution to adding facts and in person experience to the community who do not support the vegan lifestyle.

Marta sharing her experience of being a vegan mum.

Our third inspiring speaker was Jeanne, a young Dutch woman, who, with her NGO Trash'ure Taarten, makes an important contribution in addressing food waste and by inspiring other to do the same. With their ngo, she create and sell cakes made with ingredients that are not possible to be sold in supermarket but that are still edible, and that would therefore be thrown away. Like it happens to eggs for example. We were also delighted to have the cakes at our SESSION, gently offered by Sangeeta, and awesome member of our community.

Jeanne sharing her passion for NGO Trash'ure Taarten.

The fourth speakers was Beena, an Indian lady and mum, who shared with us her secret on how to shop in way that completely prevent the creation of household waste and inspiring us on the powerful responsibility that we carry, that we, as consumers, have a tremendous power and responsibility on how we shop, consume, eat and eventually produce waste, and we can change it.

Beena advising our audience on how to do grocery in a sustainable way.

The last speakers of the evening was Petra, from Ecoplaza, a family mum and experienced professional in the food sector, who answered many burning questions from the audience about how biological supermarket works, about the prices, the waste and other interesting behind the scenes happenings.

Petra answering the burning questions from our audience.

As usual, we also had a surprise speaker, Dorangela from Latin America, who presented another perspective on the topic, sharing her message that we should not be too obsessed, from a health point of view, on the way we eat, and that we should like us for the way we are.

A smiling Dorangela after her improvised #BRAINCANDIES.

It was an amazing session, people were happy and we really learned a lot about each others, and about the theme of the evening.

We are excited to have #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION on the theme SO DIVERSE, SO SIMILAR coming up on August 30th.

Till the next one!

Making improvised dance moves on command!

Here what are audience thought of our #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION 15

And here some things that our audience learned:

Pay more attention to our Food Waste! Try to limit is as much as

Got to meet amazing people

EHV has some great people ;-)

Some very interesting facts about how our food is produced

Food hacking is a job

Food supply chain, cheaper ore more expensive after less waist

Eggs don't expire in the expiring day

That 50% of the food waste is in households.

to shop first from your fridge to avoid food waste!!!

The facts provided for food waste in households and in food
chain in general.

Eating sustainable is important and plant-based foods can be

Vegan is healthy

How to make a crowd feel comfortable to interact

Two types of expiry dates

People in general have little knowledge about nutrition