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This is Eindhoven - #BC LIVE SESSION 18 recap

What makes Eindhoven, Eindhoven?

Every city in the world has a DNA, something that make that specific city different from any other city in the world.

What makes the cities each of us live in unique? It can be a thing we can be proud of, something that leave us quite indifferent or actually something we are not so happy about.

It is important to keep actively engaging in the development of our cities, especially because by 2050 over 70% over human population will be living in cities.

This #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION was specifically dedicated to Eindhoven. When we say: ”This is Eindhoven”, what does actually come to mind?

We were delighted to bring this theme to a public conversation, during our SESSION a lot of opinions, facts and ideas were shared. Sometimes people were agreeing with each others, sometimes the city was glorified, some other times the conversation was a bit bitter and a bit sweet. Yes technology, innovation and design were mentioned often, but also vulnerability, social impact and connection.

Speakers getting a warm up from the host of the evening Aiman!

As usual, our audience was an diverse group that had the most diverse feelings and opinions about the city of Eindhoven, its citizens and its development. I am surprised by how the conversation was brought in public and how it kept being constructive, both when praising or criticizing the city of EIndhoven.

Here are some more details on how the evening developed.

Our audience walking the first speaker on stage.

Few sessions ago, we introduced a new recurring wedoexperience. Every speaker is introduced by a member of the audience, who got randomly selected to come on stage by means of a bing ball that is extracted by the host of the evening. In this case, Aiman.

When a member of the audience come on stage to introduce a speaker he or she has to read a text pasted on a cue card. This texts are always creative and occasionally putting the reader a bit out of the comfort zone. The text always finishes with a creative way to introduce the speaker for the evening. One of the many creative ways, was having the audience making heart shapes with their hands and it looked lovely.

During this wedoexperience, our audience had to agree or disagree about statements about the city of EIndhoven by walking on the left or the right side of the room.

Linde was the first one. With her #BRAINCANDIES, Linde shared her dream to create a safe space for people to share their inspiring stories, and create a community of people who is compassionate and can help each others to shine.

Linde smiling after her #BRAINCANDIES.

The second speaker was Rakesh, a passionate engineer from India. Rakesh shared his interest for Eindhoven and its story of light, technology and innovation. Rakesh proudly talked about the city where he is living now, with the smartest kilometers in Europe, and a legacy that was originated even before Philips made Eindhoven famous for its “lights”, since Eindhoven was famous for manufacturing matches.

Rakesh sharing his passion for the city of EIndhoven.

Our third inspiring speaker was Marieke, who shared a beautiful spoken word piece written by her and her bittersweet relationship with the city of Eindhoven, where she has living for more than 16 yars. Marieke #BRAINCANDIES focussed on the work of the non-profit Organization called Omnia, which helps people with non-Dutch cultural backgrounds assisting them in their native language.

Marieke sharing her spoken word piece about Eindhoven.

The fourth speaker was CeesJan Mol who first shared with the audience the glorious past of Eindhoven, a city of Innovation that contributed to bring powerful technologies that had a positive impact on society and that continued by highlighting how Eindhoven is becoming today a city not really known for concrete impactful solutions but rather for more abstract ideas that are not immediately translated in to solutions to improve society. CeesJan invited the audience to reflect on how to make the city a more powerful vehicle for social transformation and impact.

CeesJan talking about the glorious past of Eindhoven when it comes to technology and impact.

The last speaker of the evening was Diana, with a talk on volunteering and on how active is the city of Eindhoven when it comes to Volunteers. Diana shared the benefits that volunteering has on the people who volunteer and invited everybody to have a chat with her and with EindhovenDoet, if they are interested to contribute more to society.

Diana inviting the audience to become volunteers.

As usual, we also had a surprise speaker, Ronald from Eindhoven. Ronald shared with the audience a very practical way to feel like a tourist in your own city, which is Eindhoven in this case. Just become a couchsurfing host and welcome travellers in your house! It is a fun way to meet new people and keep discovering your city in different ways.  

A smiling Ronald after his improvised #BRAINCANDIES.

It was a very interesting session, full of exchange and powerful emotions. We really learned a lot about each other, about what makes Eindhoven so unique and about how to take action to make Eindhoven a better city.

Till the next one!

After the event, some of our audience members showed their drawings skills.

Here what are audience thought of our #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION 18

And here some things that our audience learned:

  • Eindhoven is a city with a huge heart (since so many are volunteering) !
  • The importance of interacting with your crowd
  • Initiatives from other people that may be interesting for me
  • Since this was my first attendance at #braincandies and event of this kind, I find it to be a very good form and concept of allowing people to share their ideas and stories. I've learned that this can be done in fun and comfortable way to give people an opportunity to speak up.
  • Eindhoven has the most patents in the world - and the world's best community ;)
  • Door interactiviteit makkelijk tot contact komen
  • Different people different views
  • Nice to get triggered to fresh approach and thinking. The moving of people with chairs can lead in doubles of announcing ;) Nice ideas like about a storytelling hub, Talking to your neighbor
  • Tourism in Eindhoven