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Let us make people take actions about important themes to better our world!

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wedowe can’t support projects without your donations to support us. Since 100% of our time is spent on making people take action, we rely on donations to continue this important work.

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After getting involved in countless projects about themes that are positively impacting our lives and our planet in the most diverse ways, from social injustice to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, from consumerism to youth empowerment in developing countries, from energy poverty to the lack of self-esteem/loneliness, we realized that the things we are passionate about the most is, to make people take action. Today we make people from Businesses, NGOs, Education Institutes, Underprivileged Communities and Municipalities take action through on the ground interventions, videos and projects. We love to activate people about themes that create change.

Our mission

We are passionate about making people take action about themes that create change.

Our goals

A world where everybody is taking action on a daily basis to create change around them.

We are a charity

We make interventions, videos and dowes for our community and for the underprivileged around the world.

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We are a social enterprise

We offer our services to organizations to make people take action and fund our charity work.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I donate to wedowe?

Donations to wedowe’s operating expenses are vital to the success and sustainability of wedowe. We primarily support our operations through the earnings of our communication work that we carry on to help organizations in our network to make people take action. By working as a social enterprise with clients that can benefit from our expertise we are able to spend less time on securing funds through ordinary funding mechanisms and working on our mission of making people take action.

How does wedowe use donations?

wedowe staff and volunteers work hard to ensure every euro donated to wedowe is used efficiently. We are a transparent organization and we are pioneering in the way cultural and social organizations financially sustain themselves. In fact, we define ourselves as a cultural & social organization and as a social enterprise. The donations are used to organize projects carried on by the wedowe team, which includes community projects in the Netherlands and abroad, support wedowe staff and volunteers and audio-visual equipment.

Donations support a variety of programs, including:

  • Training and supporting our volunteers and our PlusWhat young talents.
  • Developing projects that make people take action on the most sensible social matters.

To learn more about how we use donations, check out our most recent Annual Report.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. Donations to wedowe are considered tax-deductible charitable contributions in the Netherlands. More information (in Dutch) about this can be found here.


    We are creating a culture where individuals feel empowered and entitled to create dowes about what makes them feel uncomfortable in the world around them.


    We are creating a culture where businesses and organizations acting intensively upon their Corporate Social Responsibility is the norm rather than an exception.


    We created a media platform where dowes and important causes get the reach they need to inspire others to take action.