we make people take action

Management Team

Leading the organization and the movement.

Jan Smits

Board member (Chairman) | Jan is a Full Professor and Chair in Law and Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology. Jan supports wedowe by offering insights and advice on the legal and educational aspects of the Stichting.

Otto Kroesen

Board member (Treasurer) | Otto is an Assistant Professor in ethics, intercultural communication and development theory at the Technological University Delft. Otto supports wedowe by offering insights and advice on the development of the Stichting as a platform for entrepreneurship, education and professionalization for young people.

André Grekhov

Board member (Secretary) | André is a dancer, theatre maker, choreographer, entrepreneur and coach. Andre' supports wedowe by offering insights and advice on the cultural aspects and development of the Stichting.

Aiman Hassani

Co-director | Aiman is a changemaker, Filmmaker and an advocate for diversity in film & tv.

Cristian Boscheri

Co-director | Cristian is a changemaker and Artist that makes people take action.

New talents

New talents supporting the cause.

Felix van Loon

Felix van Loon: Concept Developper | Felix is a UI Designer, Editor, and Artist.

Delano Boer

Delano Boer: Web Designer | Delano is a Graphic and Web Designer.

Odile Hartman

Odile Hartman: Animator and Illustrator | Odile is a freelancer focusing in animation, illustration, and editing.

Lizzie Vo

Communications Specialist | Lizzie is a Content Writer with a focus in blogging.

Ikram A.

Ikram A.: Visual Designer | Ikram is a freelance Visual Designer focusing in illustration and editing.

Chaniah Mustapha

Chaniah Mustapha: Social Media Specialist | Chaniah is a Content Writer for Facebook with a passion for sales and marketing.


Volunteers supporting the cause.

María Meizoso

María Meizoso: Communications Specialist | Maria is a Content Writer, Designer, Maker, and Venturer.

Clemens den Boer

Clemens den Boer: Video Edit Specialist | Clemens is Video Editor and a Freelancer in language education.

Nour Abdul-Hadi

Nour Abdul-Hadi: Communications Specialist | Nour is an all-around content specialist for web, blog, and social media.

Leeandria Marie Rose

Leeandria Marie Rose: Projects and Operations Manager | Leeandria Marie is an Artist, Activist, and freelance Creative Writer.

Marco van Hoorn

Marco van Hoorn: Marketeer | Marco is a talented SEA consultant.

Randee Gagné

Randee Gagnè: Translator | Randee is an Educational Professional and freelance Translator.

Micah Westera

Micah is an all round creative and copywriter.

Ibrahim Painda

Ibrahim is an accountant and tax advisor.