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Coping with your anxiety during the pandemic

Dealing with anxiety is difficult, left alone being anxious in the moment when reaching out for help is harder than ever. Are you nervous you cannot afford your living expense because all the jobs are unavailable now and there is no luck finding a job at this time? Are you afraid you will soon break down from fears and worries? Are you feeling okay at this time?

To wedowe, your mental health is important. We want to ensure you are safe at your home, and nothing can bother your mentality during this time. Epidemic makes our lives getting more difficult than it should be. Due to the outbreak, we are put under the pressure of not only the financial ability but also mentality issues. As self-isolation keeps us away from our social routine we have had before, we have less chance to share our worries with anyone else. The condition triggers our anxiety and as soon as it happens, it takes control of our mind in a nick of time. So, if you are feeling that way, remember that you are not alone. We are all in this together. And if you are ready to wipe off your stress from your head, wedowe have some suggestions that might help you feel better.

First, understand the fact that “we are all in this together”:

Yes, if this reminds you of the High School Musical closing song, go ahead, sing it out loud. You are not alone in this social distancing time. People out there facing a similar issue at this time. Each of us is carrying a pressure of work, money and time on ourselves. However, remind yourself we put ourselves to this self-isolation for a greater purpose. We want to stop the disease from spreading out, we want to keep people around us safe and unharmed. So, before we moan about being lonely at this time, remember why we are doing this. It is for a greater good that not only benefits yourself and your family, but also for your society and country.

Live like a grandma or grandpa:

One of the best things you can learn from the older generation is they take life as simple as possible. Our nanna loves knitting on a rocking chair. The only thing she worries about is she is missing a knot on her new scarf. Our grandpa’s proudest moment was when he found a 50-penny coin with a Peter Rabbit on its back. Life is filled with joy as soon as you are grateful for every little thing around you and take worries for granted. Maybe close down your laptop, leave that bit of the work behind for later and turn on your oven to try to bake an apple pie. Or just put away your paperwork aside and head to the garden. Plant a new tree in your backyard, or lawn the grass. Even try a new crafty project, such as knitting, sewing, or painting. Keep your life fulfilled with those little relaxing work and appreciate every moment you have in the pandemic. You will never what your new interest is when the pandemic is over.

Appreciate and be grateful for your loved ones:

This is the time we observe too many goodbyes of people and their families around the world. Some people passed away from the disease, some people cannot see family due to the traveling restriction. It shows us that someone out there did not have their chance to kiss their loved one goodbye. So then, we should feel grateful that every day we are still surrounded by our family. This kind of gratitude will surely distract your anxiety. Because as soon as you realize how much love you have, your worries are no longer heavy. Your mind will understand that as long as you are having love and support around, any fear does not matter.

Keep yourself healthy and fit:

People with anxiety have their reaction to distract themselves. But methods such as binge eat or binge drink should not be an answer. Instead, have you tried working out at home? Don’t do it alone. We have tried using Microsoft Teams to work out together. One of our classmates is a personal trainer, he recommends us to do the workout at home with his instruction. We replaced the weights and dumbbells by everything I can find around the house: our pets, a heavy cabbage head, a bag of rice, or our textbooks. Simple cardio can be easily followed, and the group call will keep you motivated and social. This creates a win-win situation when you can communicate with your friends and encourage each other to stay fit during the quarantine.

Give yourself time and start it over again:

Coping with anxiety during a rough time is not easy. It takes a great amount of time to recover and reboot yourself. The good news is you have all the time you need in the quarantine. It is okay to be afraid and anxious, as you are a normal human being and you are dealing with a situation you have never experienced before. So, go give yourself some time to adapt to the new routine. If you are feeling like it is too much, vent it out, you can cry, you can be angry and screaming at the top of your lungs. But after all, remind yourself things will be alright. And as soon as you are ready, sit down and plan out what you should do during this time. Should you study a new thing? Should you plan out a new job seeking plan? How can you do it? What is the first step to do what you want to do? Restart your plan and organize every process you need to do, so by the time the quarantine time is over, you can have a great snap back on the normal life, well prepared and ready for a new chapter.

wedowe would love to send you best wishes and encourage you to make yourself feel good during the time of shut down. We support every activity you want to do to improve your wellness and mentality. We also suggest you seek help in case of an intense issue where you can no longer face it on your own. Remember there is always help as long as you are willing to ask for. We wish you a healthy life and peace in mind. Together, we will make it through.