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Inspiring Websites

Websites about people and situations in the wedowe universe.

wedohiphop website

Unity for community!

wedohiphop empowers Hip Hop lovers from all the regions of the world to positively impact their community. To spread Hip Hop’s positive values inside and outside the Hip Hop world.

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Every brain can inspire.

#BRAINCANDIES is a social event where participants are encouraged to go out of their comfort zone and interact with strangers from the most diverse backgrounds.

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wedoenergy website

Connections to solve energy poverty.

wedoenergy empowers students, organizations and local communities to tackle energy poverty; to make clean energy affordable to millions of people out there.

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wedomovies website

Promoting diversity through film.

wedomovies lowers barriers for diverse people to get in touch with film, either on the production side or as an audience member. To make our Film Industry as diverse as our world is.

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pluswhat agency website

A communication agency for change

pluswhat agency creates content to make dowes and social actions more visible, in a way that we can all learn from them, get inspired to take action, while enjoying what it has been experienced.

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