we make people take action

We make dowes, offline interventions and videos

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Whatever we do, it is always aimed at making people take action. We make charitable projects and interventions in different parts of the world. In order to fund what we do for our community and the underprivileged, we help other organizations make people take action, by using the same mean we use for our charitable actions.

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talent development

We use various forms of talents development trajectories for young people. We make people take action to create a better future for themselves and the people around them.

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videos & websites

We create videos and websites to make people take action about important themes. We make initiatives and dowes more visible and engaging, through activating audio-visual content.

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offline interventions

We love to interact with people. We make workshops, we give talks, we host and organize events to make people take action about specific themes.

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We like freedom

We choose our projects and interventions based on personal connections and the causes we are passionate about.

Having to rely solely on donations and funding makes us unable to feel as free and secure as we wish for ourselves. There are many organizations which are doing a great job to create value for the world around us, and if we help them making more people take action, we would help set more things in motion.

Our mission

We are passionate about making people take action about themes that create change.

Our goals

A world where everybody is taking action on a daily basis to create change around them.

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There's a lot of things we need you for.

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Your donation makes people take action. By donating to our cause, you help us creating something grand. Please donate here.

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Start a dowe from scratch or contribute to an existing one, in this way you join our mission to make people take action.

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Work with us, in this way you will help our financial sustainability and we will be able to keep doing our charity projects for ever.

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