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Coping with your anxiety during the pandemic

Dealing with anxiety is difficult, left alone being anxious in the moment when reaching out for help is harder than ever. Are you nervous you cannot afford your living expense because all the jobs are unavailable now and there is no luck finding a job at this time? Are you afraid you will soon break down from fears and worries? Are you feeling okay at this time?

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Against the odds: “I wanna wear a hijab and be openly gay”

For wedowe, we respect who oneself is and what he or she believes in. We also encourage the open mindset about LGBTQ+ rights without being disrespectful to any religion. In wedowe, love and self-confidence are always supported by open-minded people. We want you to love who you are, and appreciate yourself whatsoever. Today, we bring you a story of Niri (character’s name has been changed upon her request), a young Malaysian girl who lives and studies in Rotterdam. Her story has broken a stereotype of a religious person. And from that, we respect your self-identity no matter who you are.

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